A Journey Through Time

The History of Englewood Commercial Corridor

Welcome to Englewood's Commercial Corridor! Explore the rich history of this vibrant shopping center that has been a hub of commerce and community life for generations.


The birth of Englewoods Commercial Hub

In the late 19th century, Englewood saw a surge in population, with new residents attracted by its growing industrial and residential areas. The commercial corridor began to take shape as businesses, restaurants, and shops sprung up to cater to the growing community.


The Roaring Twenties

Englewood's commercial corridor boomed during the Roaring Twenties. It became a bustling hub, with theaters, jazz clubs, and boutiques lining the streets. The area was known for its vibrant nightlife and a thriving local economy.


World War II And Community Resilience

During World War II, Englewood rallied to support the war effort. Many businesses shifted their focus to wartime production, demonstrating the resilience of the community. After the war, the corridor flourished, with returning veterans contributing to its growth.


A Center For Civil Rights Activism

The 1960s brought the Civil Rights Movement to Englewood, and the commercial corridor played a vital role. Local businesses supported civil rights efforts, making Englewood a hub for activism, with marches, rallies, and meetings taking place.


Challenges And Revival

The 1980s brought economic challenges, but Englewood remained resilient. The community worked to revitalize the commercial corridor, encouraging local entrepreneurship and community-driven initiatives.


Modern Transformation

The 21st century has seen a modern transformation of Englewood's commercial corridor. New developments, sustainable initiatives, and a diverse range of businesses have revitalized the area. Today, you'll find a mix of long-standing businesses and contemporary shops.

The Future

Building On The Past

As Englewood continues to evolve, the commercial corridor remains a key part of its story. Community-driven development, economic growth, and a commitment to preserving its rich history promise an exciting future for this historic district.

Our Community

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