Englewood Square

A New Whole Foods Market and Retail Development in Chicago's Englewood Community

This 5 acre development in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood will include a new 20,000 SF Whole Foods Market, 22,000 SF of complementary retail, and two outlot parcels. The Whole Foods Market will provide convenient access to fresh, healthy natural and organic food for residents of Englewood and South Side neighborhoods.

The shopping center opened in the Fall of 2016. The 5 acre parcel is part of a larger 13-acre development located at a four-way intersection near Kennedy King Community College. The City of Chicago owns the remaining 8 acres and is considering proposals for complementary retail, commercial, and institutional development.

The entire 13 acre site was formerly the location of the Englewood Mall, a multi-use retail development anchored by Sears in this once vibrant community. Click here to learn more about the history of Englewood.


To learn more about how to invest in this exciting retail redevelopment project, click here.

Food Deserts

Low-income areas of Chicago, and particularly the Englewood community, have been plagued by a lack of access to fresh and healthy grocery options. These areas have been called "food deserts," or sometimes "food swamps" to indicate the availability of cheap convenience food but the lack of traditional, full service grocery stores. The Englewood Square development aims to close the food desert gap. Through the Whole Foods Market, residents will have access to healthy food options and a full array of fresh produce. Additionally, Whole Foods will be partnering with local community groups and the Washburne Culinary Institute at Kennedy-King College to bring educational programs on healthy eating practices and natural foods to the Englewood neighborhood. 

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